About Salsa Ladies Styling

Salsa Ladies Styling hosts workshops & intensives that consists of NYC’s best talents.

We also include top performers and dancers from around the world who are known as the most knowledgeable teachers in their field.

These workshops are intended to empower ladies in your dancing, add more confidence, power & sexiness on the dance floor... all while challenging you and helping you to take your dancing to the next level!

We cover everything from the techniques behind the styling to musicality, body movement, spin technique, Pachanga & more!

You will be able to take these tools into your social dancing or performing skills!

Maria Palmieri is the owner and Director of Salsa Ladies Styling. Maria’s love for dance transcends into her love for life. Dance for Maria is not only about moving your body but something much more important. For her, dance is life. Dance teaches you self-awareness, expression, how to give and take, and ultimately, how to live a happy and healthy life in balance.

 Maria came to appreciate all styles of music and eventually trained in a variety of dance styles from Ballet and Classical to Hip-Hop. In her early 20’s, Maria was offered a gig as a tourist dancer in a resorts Acapulco Mexico and this experience inspired her passion for Latin dance.

Maria’s hard work, dedication and passion for dance was recognized in dance competitions like the Manhattan Latin championships where she won 1st place as a newcomer and 3rd place in the Latin championship. Maria is certified as a professional dance teacher by DVIDA – Dance Vision International Dancers Association (DVIDA®) structure which is recognized by the Nation Dance Council of America.